Adu-Acheampong, Samuel

Samuel PhD ScholarResponse of Grasshoppers to the Agricultural Mosaic of the Cape Floristic Region.


To manage the process of improved sustainability in the CFR, as elsewhere, monitoring methods are required which give us a measure of both the status quo of biodiversity relative to the various agricultural activities, and for determining how well we are doing in terms of conservation management for sustainable production.

Grasshoppers are among the most conspicuous above-ground insects that inhabit these natural and agricultural landscapes. They are sensitive to land-use change, are easy to sample and their assessment can be translated into an effective index of land-use change and of conservation management.

In view of this grasshoppers are going to be used as a test case for monitoring the success or otherwise of management and conservation practices. Grasshoppers will be sampled extensively using a Stratified Random Sampling method in each “mosaic” using the “flushing” method. This information will then be used for two purposes: 1) to calculate levels of endemicity of grasshoppers in the CFR (unknown at present) and isolate groups of species which require targeted conservation actions; 2) to develop a Grasshopper Biotic Index (GBI) following the model provided by the Dragonfly Biotic Index (DBI)


Supervisor: Prof. Michael Samways